SharePoint: Bamboo Lookup Selector other bugs

Here other bugs I have discovered related to the Bamboo Lookup Selector:

  • if you mark a field as mandatory, then you can't edit the display form (like adding web parts or customizing existing web parts)
    You can avoid this marking the field as not required, modify the form, the mark the field as required
    This is anyway very annoying, because it's time consuming and, in the end, you can forget to reset all the proper fields as mandatory
  • if you mark a fields as mandatory, if you have the Related Fields web part if your display form and you try to add related records, the refresh of parent display form throws an error
    The only solution I have found to avoid this is to market the field as not required and leave it in this way

Sorry but my evaluation of Bamboo Components is of low quality (many bugs to understand and avoid) and not coherence with SharePoint.