Process Monitor in Windows 10 error

If when running Process Monitor in Windows 10 you get the error 

   Unable to write PROCMON23.SYS.

   Make sure that you have permission to write to the %%SystemRoot%%\System32\Drivers directory.

then you can follow the suggestion from Error from Process Monitor: “Unable to write PROCMON23.SYS”: "go into C:\Windows\System32\drivers and rename procmon23.sys to something else, then try to enable boot logging from options menu again".

SharePoint: how check if a user has "Replicating Directory Changes" permission

In the User Profile Synchronization job, the user running it must have in Active Directory the permission "Replicating Directory Changes".

By one client, there was a debate between the client itself and one of its supplier offering the AD services about if the user had this permission.

To check this, I have found a PowerShell script doing this test in Checking Replication Directory Changes for account by PowerShell.

For reference I have copied the script here: CheckRDC.ps1 (1.4KB), then you can run it with:

     .\CheckRDC.ps1 “DOMAIN\username”

SharePoint: wrong domain name after user profile synchronization

If there is a NetBIOS domain name, the user profile synchronization in SharePoint will give incorrect results, because the users will be prefixed with the domain name (for example: "AD" in "") instead of the NetBIOS domain name (for example: "MYCOMPANY-AD").


The solution is to change the property of the User Profile Application to the value 1, and then recreate the connection and do a full synchronization.

This topic is described in the Microsoft Technet article Synchronize user and group profiles in SharePoint Server 2013.

Bitlocker: how recover the recovery key


my company requires me to use BitLocker on my computer hard-disk.

Today I have discovered that after Windows updates, it can request a recover key.

So save it for future requests, it's possible to recover it, for an already BitLocked drive, using the following command from an administrative command line (Windows key, type "Command Prompt", right click, "Run as administrator"):

   manage-bde -protectors c: -get

Where C: is the drive whose key you want to recover.

Windows 8: how give Internet connection to Hyper-V machines

I'm currently studying MVC 3 and 4 on the Application Lifecycle Management for TFS 2012 virtual machine, on my client machine that runs Windows 8 with Hyper-V.

If you need to setup Hyper-V on Windows 8, I've followed the guide in the blog post Get started with Windows 8 Client Hyper-V the right way.


Once you run the virtual machine, you can see that it does not have Internet access. That is a problem if you use nuGet to download and update packages.

To solve this problem, I have followed the guide Using Your Windows 8 Wireless Connection Inside Hyper-V.


But even after having Internet access, I see that I can't download or update nuGet packages from online.

Again, luckly I have found the solution online, in the answer to the question Visual Studio 2010 nuget error: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.

Windows: how make File Explorer Search to work

When searching for content using the File Explorer Search, often it happens that it is not able to find content inside files.

This can be a problem, above all for developers, searching for source files containing some string.

Using the tips in the article How to Make Windows 7 Search File Contents, I've found the following suggestions:

  • from the Folder Options, in the Search tab, avoid using the Index and select use "Always search file names and contents"
  • from Control Panel, Change How Windows searches, press the Advanced button, in the File Types tab, add a new file extension (or edit exisiting ones) selecting "Index Properties and File Contents"

Rearm di Windows 2008

If you use the trial version of Windows 2008, for example from the 2010 Information Worker Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Machine (SP1), you may need to renew the activation of Windows 2008 (otherwise after some time the machine reboots).

You can do this rearming Windows, so from the command line you can write

slmgr.vbs –rearm

and then reboot the machine.

You can find more details in this Microsoft knowledge base article: How to extend the Windows Server 2008 evaluation period, where it is also described how to schedule this operation.