Enabling dtsx Logging

In SQL Server 2005, to enable dtsx Logging:

  1. open your dtsx in SSMS, then right click and select "Logging" and a dialog box will open
  2. check the root of the tree on the left pane of the dialog box
  3. add a new SSIS log provider, enable it and create a new connection
  4. in the Details tab, select all events, except "Diagnostics"
  5. press the Advanced button, and clear the Computer, Operator, SourceID and ExecutionID columns

To log the value of the dtsx variables:

  1. insert a Script Task where you iterate the dts variabiles via Dts.Variables.GetEnumerator() and log them with the Dts.Log method
  2. in the previous dialog, configure only this task to log the ScriptTaskLogEntry events

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