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SharePoint 2010: build a TagCloud web-part that works with enterprise keywords tags

To build a TagCloud that works with enterprise keywords instead of social tags, the steps are the following:

  1. disable social tagging, to avoid confusion of tags;
  2. in the document libraries you want to tag, in the list settings, click the two check-boxes to enable enterprise keywords and to promote enterprise keywords tags to social tags;
  3. schedule, and run, the job called "User Profile Service Application - Social Data Maintenance Job", so that social-promoted tags are crawled and indexed by the Managed Metadata Service;
  4. eventually, at development time do a full crawl to index the data at the previous step by the search service;
  5. build a new TagCloud web-part, deriving from the existing one, and override the method GetTagCloudItemFromSocialTerm, so that it returns a correct href, pointing to the search page where you filter by the desired tag;
    important: in the constructor, remember to disable async updates, otherwise the derived method isn't called!
  6. configure the web-part to show tags from all users.

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  • Peter

    11/6/2011 9:31:34 PM | Reply

    I love your article about SharePoint 2010.

  • Chadae

    11/7/2011 1:26:25 AM | Reply

    Love your blog I'm going to subscribe

  • Sami

    9/20/2012 2:43:03 AM | Reply

    I'm try to derive TagCloudWebPart, but i'm getting error importing webpart error: assembly cannot be loaded. I have only constructor in place, same what derived web part has. If I change base class to Webpart then it working propely. Any ideas what might be wrong?