Gmail: reduce non-compliant standard annoyances

Gmail is a rather good email service: it's free, it gives you a lot of space, it's fast, its antispam system is very good.

Here the good points finish; all the problems follow, because, very shortly, some arrogant person in Google chose to alter the Internet standard for his moods.

You can choose to use it (if you are not a very precise person), to avoid (if you want to pay a really good email service) or to tolerate it (like it did). If you are in last category, here are a few tricks for your best setup (but I have to remember you that best in this case is not yet sufficient):

  • first of all, your email is your Gmail login, and you can't change it. So, to avoid all the problems that would rise with the creation of a new login, please do a favor to yourself and choose immediatly your final email address;
  • in Gmail settings, change the language settings to the same of your email client, else you'll have duplicate folders when you connect a client like Outlook;
  • in your email client, choose not to save sent mails, as Gmail will do it already for you and is not enough clever to understand that duplicate mails could be created by this behaviour;
  • in your email client, choose to delete emails moving them in the Trash folder explicitly;
  • incredibly, if you move mails from the Gmail account to your personal mails (for example, in Outlook, a private pst file), mails aren't deleted (i.e.: moved to the Trash folder) but are simply removed the Inbox label. So after you move a mail from Gmail to your private pst file, you need to explicitly delete it from the All Mails folder (and in this case, I use to do it from the web to avoid other synchronization problems that could arise);
  • finally, if you use the iPhone/iPad, after the email account creation, disable the Archive setting, so that when you delete an email, you really delete them moving it in the Trash folder and not simply removing the Inbox tag.

In conclusion, Gmail is a rather good mail system, with some important problems. It's up to you choose to use it; I use it, but sopporting its limits and all the problems it creates with its particular behaviours.

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