SharePoint 2010: access with Safari in iOS 8

Because of a problem in the OOTB browser definitions in .NET 2, carried up to .NET 3.5, iPhone with iOS 8 are not correctly recognized as mobile devices in SharePoint 2010.

The problem is described in iOS 8 / Safari 8 not working with ASP.NET AJAX-Extensions, but the solution in that article is not complete, as it fixes the JavaScript issue but not the mobile capabilities.

So I have merged that solution with the iPhone capabilities in the OOTB browsers definitions, getting the content of the new file that you can download here: iOS8.browser

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  • Hi Damiano,

    Does your solution take care of the iPad where it is supposed to display the SharePoint sites in Standard view?

    It either displays the Standard view in iPhone/iPad when the isMobileDevice capability is not set to True and both display Mobile view when isMobileDevice capability is set to True.

    With best regards,
  • Hi Saru,
    frankly I have tried only on iPhones with iOS 8, not iPad.
    Regards, Damiano

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