SharePoint 2013: Minimal Download Strategy requirements

To ensure that MDS (Minimal Download Strategy) continues to work after deployment of custom solution, these have to be done following the rules described in Modify SharePoint components for MDS.

In short they are:

  • include your content in SharePoint:AjaxDelta control (probably already done in the master page, but worth to check)
  • include css with SharePoint:CssLink and SharePoint:CssRegistration
  • include JavaScript with SharePoint:ScriptLink
  • include inline JavaScript code in SharePoint:ScriptBlock
  • mark your assembly with
    [assembly: Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.MdsCompliantAttribute(IsCompliant = true)]
  • mark your controls and web parts with:
    [Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.MdsCompliantAttribute(IsCompliant = true)]

In addition to that:

  • ensure the JavaScript file names don't contain '-' characters, because the file name is used as an identifier by init.js

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