1Password: how use OneDrive to share content between PC, Mac and iPhone/iPad

To avoid the stupid problem of the DropBox icons overwriting the OneDrive and OneDrive for Business icons explained in OneDrive: sync icons not showing problem, I've chosen to uninstall DropBox.

In the end, I was using it only to share my 1Password vaults between PC, Mac and iPhone/iPad. OneDrive has the advantage of being integrated in Windows and also with Office 365 you have 1Tb of space for free.

On the Mac:

  • go to 1Password preferences, sync tab, and change it to folder (choose a folder inside OneDrive)
  • it will ask if you are sure to delete the files in DropBox, take risk and say yes
  • to uninstall DropBox: close it (from the top right menu), and from the Activity Monitor kill all the DropBox processes still running. Then you can drag the application icon to the trask
  • in Finder, search for DropBox, you will still find a folder in your profile; delete it
On the PC:
  • run both the DropBox and OneDrive sync
  • open 1Password, it will automatically ask to open the vault from another source; choose the OneDrive folder
  • uninstall DropBox
  • search for all the DropBox folders and delete them (this can require the reboot of the computer)
On the iPhone/iPad:
  • so far you can't use directly the OneDrive folder, so you need to use wifi sync
  • from the Mac, Preferences | Wifi Server, check "Run a Wi-Fi server trom this Mac"
  • from the iPhone/iPad, start 1Password and dismiss the message about DropBox
  • from Settings | Sync | Start Syncing | Sync using Wi-Fi, select your Mac and enter the secret phrase from the Mac, then finally you can "Sync Now"

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