Microsoft Authenticator and new iPhone

Microsoft Authenticator and new iPhone

Every year I tend to update my iPhone.
While the iCloud backup and restore works incredibly well, there are still some apps who make exceptions and delay this migration process.

One of this apps is Microsoft Authenticator.
It is able to move personal accounts from phone to phone, but for corporate accounts, the story is a bit different.

Usually I proceed in this way:

  • backup the old iPhone;
  • initialize the new iPhone as a clone of the previous phone (via iCloud restore or directly from iPhone to iPhone);
  • browsing from a computer, visit and add the corporate account on the new iPhone;
  • at this point you can reset the old iPhone and remove it from the previous link.

With the "magic" link I have reported here, you don't need to disable MFA or spend time opening tickets with your help-desk.

Additional documentation on the usage of the Microsoft Authenticator app: