SharePoint: wrong password cached

This morning I was not able to access my usual SharePoint site.
It said my password is wrong, but I was able to access other SharePoint sites from the same farm.

I have found the article SharePoint caches incorrect credentials, that suggests to delete the saved credential in the client from computer from "Manage your network passwords" in Control Panel.

In short, you can find them in Control Panel, User Accounts, then Manage your network passwords.

Nintex workflow: Commit Pending Actions

In one Nintex workflow I have developed, I had a strange bug. In short:
  • the workflow updated the current item
  • and then removed the write rights to the item
Well, what is strange is that I had workflow errors, and logging in the history list, I could clearly see that some operations where logged before others, really difficult to understand...

In this article it is explained that some actions are batched, in particular when is a mix of SharePoint and Nintex workflow actions.

The solution is: use the Commit Pending Action.

Knockout.js: first experience

For a project, I have started using Knockout.js.
This is a library to build UIs starting from a data model that is binded to html templates.

To start using the library, there is a list of articles that must be read:

And finally a few notes I have understood:
  • Visible controls only the html style, but you have always the binding.
    If you don't want to bind something (for example because you have null objects), use the if construct
Other links:

JavaScript: console.log error

When working in JavaScript I have done output with console.log, but after that my page was working correctly only in debug mode.

I have found the solution in the page What is console.log and how do I use it?: the reason is that in Internet Explorer up to version 8, console.log is defined only in debug mode.

The solution is to add in your page the following JavaScript code:

   if(!window.console){ window.console = {log: function(){} }; }