SharePoint: grouping items into folders

For a project I had to create view and group list items based on the folders they reside.

Short answer: in SharePoint you can't group by folder (name).

So you have to map the folder information into some column associated to your data:

  • create a text / choice column to store the folder name
    if you have deeper levels, you can consider create a taxonomy column
  • map the folder to the newly created column via folder default values or eventually workflow (more extensible but slower)


An article explaining the concept using folder default values is Group Items on Their Folder Name Inside a SharePoint Library. This article also remembers that SharePoint folder default values don't exist in SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 Foundation.

Html: character maps

Sometimes you need character maps in html, to reproduce the strange Windings symbols you find in Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

You can find it here: Wingdings character set and equivalent Unicode characters.


CharacterDecHexPS NameCharacterDecHexNameRange
‘’ 32 0x20 space ‘’ 32 U+0020 Space Basic Latin
! 33 0x21 pencil 9999 U+270F Pencil Dingbats
" 34 0x22 scissors 9986 U+2702 Black scissors Dingbats
# 35 0x23 scissorscutting 9985 U+2701 Upper blade scissors Dingbats
$ 36 0x24 readingglasses 👓 128083 U+1F453 Eyeglasses Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
% 37 0x25 bell 🔔 128276 U+1F514 Bell Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
& 38 0x26 book 📖 128214 U+1F4D6 Open book Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
' 39 0x27 candle (Candle – no equivalent)
( 40 0x28 telephonesolid 9742 U+260E Black telephone Miscellaneous Symbols
) 41 0x29 telhandsetcirc 9990 U+2706 Telephone location sign Dingbats
* 42 0x2A envelopeback 9993 U+2709 Envelope Dingbats
+ 43 0x2B envelopefront (Envelope with address and stamp – no equivalent)
, 44 0x2C mailboxflagdwn 📪 128234 U+1F4EA Closed mailbox with lowered flag Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
- 45 0x2D mailboxflagup 📫 128235 U+1F4EB Closed mailbox with raised flag Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
. 46 0x2E mailbxopnflgup 📬 128236 U+1F4EC Open mailbox with raised flag Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
/ 47 0x2F mailbxopnflgdwn 📭 128237 U+1F4ED Open mailbox with lowered flag Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
0 48 0x30 folder 📁 128193 U+1F4C1 File folder Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
1 49 0x31 folderopen 📂 128194 U+1F4C2 Open file folder Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
2 50 0x32 filetalltext1 📄 128196 U+1F4C4 Page facing up Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
3 51 0x33 filetalltext (Printed page – no equivalent)
4 52 0x34 filetalltext3 (Stack of printed pages – no equivalent)
5 53 0x35 filecabinet (Filing cabinet – no equivalent)
6 54 0x36 hourglass 8987 U+231B Hourglass Miscellaneous Technical
7 55 0x37 keyboard 9000 U+2328 Keyboard Miscellaneous Technical
8 56 0x38 mouse2button (Mouse – no equivalent)
9 57 0x39 ballpoint (Trackball – no equivalent)
: 58 0x3A pc 💻 128187 U+1F4BB Personal computer Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
; 59 0x3B harddisk (Hard disk – no equivalent)
< 60 0x3C floppy3 💾 128190 U+1F4BE Floppy disk Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
= 61 0x3D floppy5 (5¼" Floppy disk – no equivalent)
> 62 0x3E tapereel 9991 U+2707 Tape drive Dingbats
? 63 0x3F handwrite 9997 U+270D Writing hand Dingbats
@ 64 0x40 handwriteleft (Writing left hand – no equivalent)
A 65 0x41 handv 9996 U+270C Victory hand Dingbats
B 66 0x42 handok 👌 128076 U+1F44C OK hand sign Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
C 67 0x43 thumbup 👍 128077 U+1F44D Thumbs up sign Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
D 68 0x44 thumbdown 👎 128078 U+1F44E Thumbs down sign Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
E 69 0x45 handptleft 9756 U+261C White left pointing index Miscellaneous Symbols
F 70 0x46 handptright 9758 U+261E White right pointing index Miscellaneous Symbols
G 71 0x47 handptup 9757 U+261D White up pointing index Miscellaneous Symbols
H 72 0x48 handptdown 9759 U+261F White down pointing index Miscellaneous Symbols
I 73 0x49 handhalt 9995 U+270B Raised hand Dingbats
J 74 0x4A smileface 9786 U+263A White smiling face Miscellaneous Symbols
K 75 0x4B neutralface 😐 128528 U+1F610 Neutral face Emoticons
L 76 0x4C frownface 9785 U+2639 White frowning face Miscellaneous Symbols
M 77 0x4D bomb 💣 128163 U+1F4A3 Bomb Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
N 78 0x4E skullcrossbones 9760 U+2620 Skull and crossbones Miscellaneous Symbols
O 79 0x4F flag 9872 U+2690 White flag Miscellaneous Symbols
P 80 0x50 pennant 🚩 128681 U+1F6A9 Triangular flag on post Transport and Map Symbols
Q 81 0x51 airplane 9992 U+2708 Airplane Dingbats
R 82 0x52 sunshine 9788 U+263C White sun with rays Miscellaneous Symbols
S 83 0x53 droplet 💧 128167 U+1F4A7 Droplet Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
T 84 0x54 snowflake 10052 U+2744 Snowflake Dingbats
U 85 0x55 crossoutline (White Latin cross – no equivalent)
V 86 0x56 crossshadow 10014 U+271E Shadowed white Latin cross Dingbats
W 87 0x57 crossceltic (Celtic cross – no equivalent)
X 88 0x58 crossmaltese 10016 U+2720 Maltese cross Dingbats
Y 89 0x59 starofdavid 10017 U+2721 Star of David Dingbats
Z 90 0x5A crescentstar 9770 U+262A Star and crescent Miscellaneous Symbols
[ 91 0x5B yinyang 9775 U+262F Yin Yang Dingbats
\ 92 0x5C om 2384 U+0950 Devanagari Om Devanagari
] 93 0x5D wheel 9784 U+2638 Wheel of Dharma Miscellaneous Symbols
^ 94 0x5E aries 9800 U+2648 Aries Miscellaneous Symbols
_ 95 0x5F taurus 9801 U+2649 Taurus Miscellaneous Symbols
` 96 0x60 gemini 9802 U+264A Gemini Miscellaneous Symbols
a 97 0x61 cancer 9803 U+264B Cancer Miscellaneous Symbols
b 98 0x62 leo 9804 U+264C Leo Miscellaneous Symbols
c 99 0x63 virgo 9805 U+264D Virgo Miscellaneous Symbols
d 100 0x64 libra 9806 U+264E Libra Miscellaneous Symbols
e 101 0x65 scorpio 9807 U+264F Scorpio Miscellaneous Symbols
f 102 0x66 saggitarius 9808 U+2650 Sagittarius Miscellaneous Symbols
g 103 0x67 capricorn 9809 U+2651 Capricorn Miscellaneous Symbols
h 104 0x68 aquarius 9810 U+2652 Aquarius Miscellaneous Symbols
i 105 0x69 pisces 9811 U+2653 Pisces Miscellaneous Symbols
j 106 0x6A ampersanditlc & 38 U+0026 Ampersand (italic, lower-case) Basic Latin (Garamond)
k 107 0x6B ampersandit & 38 U+0026 Ampersand (italic) Basic Latin (cursive font)
l 108 0x6C circle6 9679 U+25CF Black circle Geometric Shapes
m 109 0x6D circleshadowdwn 10061 U+274D Shadowed white circle Dingbats
n 110 0x6E square6 9632 U+25A0 Black square Geometric Shapes
o 111 0x6F box3 9633 U+25A1 White square Geometric Shapes
p 112 0x70 box4 (Bold white square – no equivalent)
q 113 0x71 boxshadowdwn 10065 U+2751 Lower right shadowed white square Dingbats
r 114 0x72 boxshadowup 10066 U+2752 Upper right shadowed white square Dingbats
s 115 0x73 lozenge4 11047 U+2B27 Black medium lozenge Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
t 116 0x74 lozenge6 10731 U+29EB Black lozenge Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B
u 117 0x75 rhombus6 9670 U+25C6 Black diamond Geometric Shapes
v 118 0x76 xrhombus 10070 U+2756 Black diamond minus white X Dingbats
w 119 0x77 rhombus4 11045 U+2B25 Black medium diamond Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
x 120 0x78 clear 8999 U+2327 X in a rectangle box Miscellaneous Technical
y 121 0x79 escape 9043 U+2353 APL functional symbol quad up caret Miscellaneous Technical
z 122 0x7A command 8984 U+2318 Place of interest sign Miscellaneous Symbols
{ 123 0x7B rosette 10048 U+2740 White florette Dingbats
| 124 0x7C rosettesolid 10047 U+273F Black florette Dingbats
} 125 0x7D quotedbllftbld 10077 U+275D Heavy double turned comma quotation mark ornament Dingbats
~ 126 0x7E quotedblrtbld 10078 U+275E Heavy double comma quotation mark ornament Dingbats
 127 0x7F .notdef 9647 U+25AF White vertical rectangle Geometric Shapes
128 0x80 zerosans 9450 U+24EA Circled digit zero Enclosed Alphanumerics
 129 0x81 onesans 9312 U+2460 Circled digit one Enclosed Alphanumerics
130 0x82 twosans 9313 U+2461 Circled digit two Enclosed Alphanumerics
ƒ 131 0x83 threesans 9314 U+2462 Circled digit three Enclosed Alphanumerics
132 0x84 foursans 9315 U+2463 Circled digit four Enclosed Alphanumerics
133 0x85 fivesans 9316 U+2464 Circled digit five Enclosed Alphanumerics
134 0x86 sixsans 9317 U+2465 Circled digit six Enclosed Alphanumerics
135 0x87 sevensans 9318 U+2466 Circled digit seven Enclosed Alphanumerics
ˆ 136 0x88 eightsans 9319 U+2467 Circled digit eight Enclosed Alphanumerics
137 0x89 ninesans 9320 U+2468 Circled digit nine Enclosed Alphanumerics
Š 138 0x8A tensans 9321 U+2469 Circled number ten Enclosed Alphanumerics
139 0x8B zerosansinv 9471 U+24FF Negative circled digit zero Enclosed Alphanumerics
Π140 0x8C onesansinv 10102 U+2776 Dingbat negative circled digit one Dingbats
 141 0x8D twosansinv 10103 U+2777 Dingbat negative circled digit two Dingbats
Ž 142 0x8E threesansinv 10104 U+2778 Dingbat negative circled digit three Dingbats
 143 0x8F foursansinv 10105 U+2779 Dingbat negative circled digit four Dingbats
 144 0x90 fivesansinv 10106 U+277A Dingbat negative circled digit five Dingbats
145 0x91 sixsansinv 10107 U+277B Dingbat negative circled digit six Dingbats
146 0x92 sevensansinv 10108 U+277C Dingbat negative circled digit seven Dingbats
147 0x93 eightsansinv 10109 U+277D Dingbat negative circled digit eight Dingbats
148 0x94 ninesansinv 10110 U+277E Dingbat negative circled digit nine Dingbats
149 0x95 tensansinv 10111 U+277F Dingbat negative circled number ten Dingbats
150 0x96 budleafne (Bud and leaf north east – no equivalent)
151 0x97 budleafnw (Bud and leaf north west – no equivalent)
˜ 152 0x98 budleafsw (Bud and leaf south west – no equivalent)
153 0x99 budleafse (Bud and leaf south east – no equivalent)
š 154 0x9A vineleafboldne (Bold vine leaf north east – no equivalent)
155 0x9B vineleafboldnw (Bold vine leaf north west – no equivalent)
œ 156 0x9C vineleafboldsw (Bold vine leaf south west – no equivalent)
 157 0x9D vineleafboldse (Bold vine leaf south east – no equivalent)
ž 158 0x9E circle2 · 183 U+00B7 Middle dot Latin-1 Supplement
Ÿ 159 0x9F circle4 8226 U+2022 Bullet General Punctuation
  160 0xA0 square2 9642 U+25AA Black small square Geometric Shapes
¡ 161 0xA1 ring2 9675 U+25CB White circle Geometric Shapes
¢ 162 0xA2 ring4 11093 U+2B55 Heavy large circle Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
£ 163 0xA3 ring6 (Extra bold white circle – no equivalent)
¤ 164 0xA4 ringbutton2 9673 U+25C9 Fisheye Geometric Shapes
¥ 165 0xA5 target 9678 U+25CE Bullseye Geometric Shapes
¦ 166 0xA6 circleshadowup (Upper right shadowed white circle – no equivalent)
§ 167 0xA7 square4 9642 U+25AA Black small square Geometric Shapes
¨ 168 0xA8 box2 9723 U+25FB White medium square Geometric Shapes
© 169 0xA9 tristar2 (Black three pointed star – no equivalent)
ª 170 0xAA crosstar2 10022 U+2726 Black four pointed star Dingbats
« 171 0xAB pentastar2 9733 U+2605 Black star Miscellaneous Symbols
¬ 172 0xAC hexstar2 10038 U+2736 Six pointed black star Dingbats
­ 173 0xAD octastar2 10036 U+2734 Eight pointed black star Dingbats
® 174 0xAE dodecastar3 10041 U+2739 Twelve pointed black star Dingbats
¯ 175 0xAF octastar4 10037 U+2735 Eight pointed pinwheel star Dingbats
° 176 0xB0 registersquare (Square register mark – no equivalent)
± 177 0xB1 registercircle 8982 U+2316 Position indicator Miscellaneous Technical
² 178 0xB2 cuspopen 10209 U+27E1 White concave-sided diamond Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A
³ 179 0xB3 cuspopen1 8977 U+2311 Square lozenge Miscellaneous Technical
´ 180 0xB4 query (Question mark in white diamond – no equivalent)
µ 181 0xB5 circlestar 10026 U+272A Circled white star Dingbats
182 0xB6 starshadow 10032 U+2730 Shadowed white star Dingbats
· 183 0xB7 oneoclock 🕐 128336 U+1F550 Clock face one oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
¸ 184 0xB8 twooclock 🕑 128337 U+1F551 Clock face two oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
¹ 185 0xB9 threeoclock 🕒 128338 U+1F552 Clock face three oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
º 186 0xBA fouroclock 🕓 128339 U+1F553 Clock face four oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
» 187 0xBB fiveoclock 🕕 128340 U+1F554 Clock face five oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
¼ 188 0xBC sixoclock 🕕 128341 U+1F555 Clock face six oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
½ 189 0xBD sevenoclock 🕖 128342 U+1F556 Clock face seven oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
¾ 190 0xBE eightoclock 🕘 128343 U+1F557 Clock face eight oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
¿ 191 0xBF nineoclock 🕘 128344 U+1F558 Clock face nine oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
À 192 0xC0 tenoclock 🕙 128345 U+1F559 Clock face ten oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
Á 193 0xC1 elevenoclock 🕚 128346 U+1F55A Clock face eleven oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
 194 0xC2 twelveoclock 🕛 128347 U+1F55B Clock face twelve oclock Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs
à 195 0xC3 arrowdwnleft1 (White arrow pointing downwards then curving leftwards – no equivalent)
Ä 196 0xC4 arrowdwnrt1 (White arrow pointing downwards then curving rightwards – no equivalent)
Å 197 0xC5 arrowupleft1 (White arrow pointing upwards then curving leftwards – no equivalent)
Æ 198 0xC6 arrowuprt1 (White arrow pointing upwards then curving rightwards – no equivalent)
Ç 199 0xC7 arrowleftup1 (White arrow pointing leftwards then curving upwards – no equivalent)
È 200 0xC8 arrowrtup1 (White arrow pointing rightwards then curving upwards – no equivalent)
É 201 0xC9 arrowleftdwn1 (White arrow pointing leftwards then curving downwards – no equivalent)
Ê 202 0xCA arrowrtdwn1 (White arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwards – no equivalent)
Ë 203 0xCB quiltsquare2 (Quilt square 2 – no equivalent)
Ì 204 0xCC quiltsquare2inv (Black quilt square 2 – no equivalent)
Í 205 0xCD leafccwsw (Leaf counterclockwise south west – no equivalent)
Î 206 0xCE leafccwnw (Leaf counterclockwise north west – no equivalent)
Ï 207 0xCF leafccwse (Leaf counterclockwise south east – no equivalent)
Ð 208 0xD0 leafccwne (Leaf counterclockwise north east – no equivalent)
Ñ 209 0xD1 leafnw (Leaf north west – no equivalent)
Ò 210 0xD2 leafsw (Leaf south west – no equivalent)
Ó 211 0xD3 leafne (Leaf north east – no equivalent)
Ô 212 0xD4 leafse (Leaf south east – no equivalent)
Õ 213 0xD5 deleteleft 9003 U+232B Erase to the left Miscellaneous Technical
Ö 214 0xD6 deleteright 8998 U+2326 Erase to the right Miscellaneous Technical
× 215 0xD7 head2left (Three-D top-lighted leftwards arrowhead – no equivalent)
Ø 216 0xD8 head2right 10146 U+27A2 Three-D top-lighted rightwards arrowhead Dingbats
Ù 217 0xD9 head2up (Three-D right-lighted upwards arrowhead – no equivalent)
Ú 218 0xDA head2down (Three-D left-lighted downwards arrowhead – no equivalent)
Û 219 0xDB circleleft (Circled heavy white leftwards arrow – no equivalent)
Ü 220 0xDC circleright 10162 U+27B2 Circled heavy white rightwards arrow Dingbats
Ý 221 0xDD circleup (Circled heavy white upwards arrow – no equivalent)
Þ 222 0xDE circledown (Circled heavy white downwards arrow – no equivalent)
ß 223 0xDF barb2left (Wide-headed leftwards arrow – no equivalent)
à 224 0xE0 barb2right (Wide-headed rightwards arrow – no equivalent)
á 225 0xE1 barb2up (Wide-headed upwards arrow – no equivalent)
â 226 0xE2 barb2down (Wide-headed downwards arrow – no equivalent)
ã 227 0xE3 barb2nw (Wide-headed north west arrow – no equivalent)
ä 228 0xE4 barb2ne (Wide-headed north east arrow – no equivalent)
å 229 0xE5 barb2sw (Wide-headed south west arrow – no equivalent)
æ 230 0xE6 barb2se (Wide-headed south east arrow – no equivalent)
ç 231 0xE7 barb4left (Heavy wide-headed leftwards arrow – no equivalent)
è 232 0xE8 barb4right 10132 U+2794 Heavy wide-headed rightwards arrow Dingbats
é 233 0xE9 barb4up (Heavy wide-headed upwards arrow – no equivalent)
ê 234 0xEA barb4down (Heavy wide-headed downwards arrow – no equivalent)
ë 235 0xEB barb4nw (Heavy wide-headed north west arrow – no equivalent)
ì 236 0xEC barb4ne (Heavy wide-headed north east arrow – no equivalent)
í 237 0xED barb4sw (Heavy wide-headed south west arrow – no equivalent)
î 238 0xEE barb4se (Heavy wide-headed south east arrow – no equivalent)
ï 239 0xEF bleft 8678 U+21E6 Leftwards white arrow Arrows
ð 240 0xF0 bright 8680 U+21E8 Rightwards white arrow Arrows
ñ 241 0xF1 bup 8679 U+21E7 Upwards white arrow Arrows
ò 242 0xF2 bdown 8681 U+21E9 Downwards white arrow Arrows
ó 243 0xF3 bleftright 11012 U+2B04 Left right white arrow Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
ô 244 0xF4 bupdown 8691 U+21F3 Up down white arrow Arrows
õ 245 0xF5 bnw 11008 U+2B00 North east white arrow Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
ö 246 0xF6 bne 11009 U+2B01 North west white arrow Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
÷ 247 0xF7 bsw 11011 U+2B03 South west white arrow Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
ø 248 0xF8 bse 11010 U+2B02 South east white arrow Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
ù 249 0xF9 bdash1 9645 U+25AD White rectangle Geometric Shapes
ú 250 0xFA bdash2 9643 U+25AB White small square Geometric Shapes
û 251 0xFB xmarkbld 10007 U+2717 Ballot X Dingbats
ü 252 0xFC checkbld 10003 U+2713 Check mark Dingbats
ý 253 0xFD boxxmarkbld 9746 U+2612 Ballot box with X (font-weight:bold) Dingbats
þ 254 0xFE boxcheckbld 9745 U+2611 Ballot box with check (font-weight:bold) Dingbats
ÿ 255 0xFF windowslogo (Windows logo – no equivalent)

SharePoint: how quickly empty the Recycle Bin

For my current project I have done a lot of tests, so my site Recycle Bin is really full.

Instead of emptying each page manually, I searched for a quicker options, and I have found that simply pasting javascript:emptyItems() on the address bar effectiverly clears it!

Only two notes:

  • when pasting, for security reasons Internet Explorer removes the javascript: from the address, so you need to write it manually;
  • if the operation goes in timeout because of a very big Trash Bin, simply re-try.


I have found this trick in the page Completely Empty the SharePoint Recycle Bin.

SharePoint 2013 stand-alone installation error: "The SDDL string contains an invalid sid or a sid that cannot be translated"

When installing SharePoint 2013 in stand-alone mode, typical for study purposes, you'll get this error: "The SDDL string contains an invalid sid or a sid that cannot be translated".

I have found the solution in the TechNet article SharePoint 2013 : The SDDL string contains an invalid sid or a sid that cannot be translated: the solution is to share (via Properties | Sharing | Advanced Sharing) the folder Admin_{guid} in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Data\Office Server\.

jQuery: creating extensions

When developing with jQuery, I often need to verify selectors, so I usually write something like this:

$('my selector').css('background-color', 'red');

To save some typing, I wanted to create a jQuery extension so I have followed the tutorial Writing Your Own jQuery Plugins and here is my extension:

(function($) {

   // This function makes the background color red (used for debug)
   $ = function() {
      this.each(function() {
         $(this).css('background-color', 'red');

   // This function alerts the length of the collection items (used for debug)
   $.fn.alertLength = function() {

   // This function alerts each item in the collection (used for debug)
   $.fn.foreachAlert = function() {
      this.each(function(index, value) {
         alert('' + index + ': ' + value);


SharePoint: getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle

When developing in SharePoint using the client-script object model, for sure you have met the function getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle, proposed by Microsoft and copied in many websites.

The basic implementation can be found in many websites, and the article Tags and Identifiers for getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle Function is only one of many examples.


But this function doesn't handle choice fields displayed as radio buttons.

So I have found another other implementation in the blog post Trigger JavaScript Events When a Choice (Radio Button) SharePoint Field Type is Clicked.

Regions in Notepad++

While editing JavaScript files with Notepad++, I have noticed that like in Visual Studio there is the nice feature to collapse function methods.

But so I thought, how to implement the "regions" that I can define in C# files?


I have found a nice trick in one of the answers at the question notepad++ user defined regions with folding: simply add a comment and then the opening and closure brackets.

In my example it could be:

  • ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////{ BEGIN of my region
  • ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////} END of my region

SharePoint Item Validation Formulas

I always forget the available formulas used to build SharePoint item validation formulas.

The main formulas are:

  • IF(condition, value if true, value if false)
  • AND(cond1, cond2, condN)
  • OR(cond1, cond2, condN)


Example articles are: